About Tom

Tom Ashby, Smashby Training, CrossFit Lakewood, CrossFit in Denver

Below is my brief bio.  Have any other questions?  Just ask!

“Tom is a 2005 graduate of Kenyon College. He led Kenyon’s elite swim team to 4 consecutive Division III National Titles. Tom was a 6-time National Champion and a 13-time All-American. Tom discovered CrossFit during a phone call with a former swim coach one sunny afternoon in September 2008. The next morning Tom’s very first CrossFit workout, a modified Murph, left him laying on the ground gasping for air for almost 20 minutes. He hasn’t looked back since. Within six months of starting the program, Tom completed his first half-marathon (Horsetooth Half Marathon, Fort Collins, 2009), and the following month he ran in his first full marathon (San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon, 2009).

In May of 2009, Tom received his CrossFit Barbell certification from legendary strength coach Mark Rippetoe. In April 2010 Tom received his CrossFit Level 1 certification in Golden, Colorado. Tom has been involved in coaching a variety of sports over the past 12 years. He’s coached athletes of all ages, and has witnessed how CrossFit can change lives — of kids, elite athletes, stay at home parents, and business people — and he can’t wait to make an impact through his CrossFit training.”

I am also the owner of Renegade Fitness, an apparel company geared toward athletes of all levels!

Want to get a hold of me, here’s how!


 (716) X-FITTER (yep, that’s really the number!)

 (716) 934-8837



Tom Ashby, Smashby,  Smashby Training, CrossFit, CrossFit Lakewood, Shoulder Press

  1. Herm says:

    I didn’t know you know how to swim! 😉

  2. Nice to see a hoss that gets that some of us aren’t at his level and cares enough to make sure us less fit types get the scaling we need. Kudos to you, Tom!

    • Smashby says:

      I really appreciate the compliment, Jodi 🙂

      So many people get caught up in “winning” in CrossFit… or even worse, are so intimidated by it, that they don’t even try!

      For me, it’s about improving YOURSELF! That happens whether you’re a business woman a fire fighter or a competitive athlete.

      CrossFit = you v/s you

      And the best part of all…. you always win 🙂

  3. […] friend’s at Renegade Fitness have them ready for you to check out. You see, my good friend Tom and the other owner’s of Renegade Fitness, Greg and Orion, asked if I would be interested in […]

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