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On this page I’ll share random thoughts and post any links, videos or articles I think are worth your time!

Feel free to suggest anything you want to see on here.

3/13/11 – Highlights from the CrossFit/USAW Open (This was an event I competed in last October)

1/5/11 – CrossFit in the News

ANSI Accredits CrossFit Under Certificate Accreditation Program

8/27/10 – What are you willing to do in order to attain the life you want? (motivational video from

Will you commit?

8/27/10 – Very interesting article in the New York Times on the impact of music to exercise.

“Does Music Make You Exercise Harder?”

8/20/10 – Some AMAZING Parkour/Free Running/Gymnastics skills

7/24/10 – CrossFit Games Preview Video

The CrossFit Games are the proving ground to find the fittest human beings on earth.  This commercial talks about what the program means to a few of the “community’s” biggest names.  Awesome stuff.

7/23/10 – First Video Post:

I’m a sucker for CrossFit promo videos, and this is no exception.  While I think that any physical activity is better than none, and that a person should definitely mix up their training regimen constantly, it’s pretty obvious that I think this stuff is the most effective.

  1. Zach Krych says:

    The Crossfit/USAW was Great competition, I hope to do it someday and loose to all the crossfiters horribly.

    • haha, I doubt you’d lose horribly! Chad put on a show with his lifting last year. I’m really pumped to see how many other (mainly) USAW folks show up to compete this year. That event was a blast!

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