For me, it’s so inspiring to see how people’s lives are impacted through this kind of training.
This page will be used to share some thoughts that athletes who train with me have to share about CrossFit.

Keep up the great work, guys.  You’re all inspirations to me every day.  Thank you for letting me share these moments with you!

Ashley Boomer – October 2010 – “I just love how good (CrossFit) makes me feel.  I have more confidence in every day life, I can breathe better and sleep better.  It is just crazy.  Thank YOU”

Kristin Timbers – November 2010 – “I had barely heard of crossfit and definitely had never tried it before for the same reasons that most people say why they don’t try it – it’s a men’s thing, it involves heavy weightlifting, and its only for elite fit athletes and individuals. With some encouragement I tried out one session. To be honest, I walked away telling myself that it was just not for me. I had just recently signed up for my first full marathon. I was very nervous about the amount of training I needed to do to prepare myself for this 26.2 mile long event. I was following a training schedule for running, but I needed to incorporate cross training to ensure my body was well suited for my endurance event. After much deliberation I decided to try a few more sessions of CF to see how it impacted my training for the marathon. The first 2 weeks were brutal. I was sore from the increased running as well as the entirely new type of exercise my body was experiencing with crossfit, I had started to get worried that this whole body training was detrimental to my running.  While talking with Tom, he ensured that with a little more time, my body would get more accustomed to this type of training so I continued to listen to my body while also pushing through the initial change in my exercise routine. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made for my marathon training. I was running 3 days a week and crossfitting 2 days a week. As my runs increased to 14, 18 and 22 miles, I was not only able to see how much my body was able to handle the runs due to increased strength, but also able to keep my times incredibly strong with the background of CF and the intensity I was used to.  The day of the marathon I felt more prepared then I would ever have felt without the added CF training. I finished the marathon with a great time and more importantly, no injuries that I believe came with the help of Tom’s training.  Originally I had planned to stop CF after the marathon, but I now have a full time membership and participate in high intensity full body life training 3 times a week along with various cardio training. I recently started my snowboarding season and normally I can barely walk the day after my first day on the slopes. This time I was stronger on the board with harder carves and better weight shifts, but I was also pain free the day after. Once again, crossfit came to my rescue by preparing my body for any event that I choose to participate in. This is my honest testimonial to CF and its indefinite abilities to help me tackle ANYTHING that life is willing to throw at me. A special thanks goes out to Tom and his ongoing efforts to not only keep me motivated but also push my body to limits I didn’t know I had until now.”

Clayton Putman – November 2010 – “For the past few years I have been a consistent member of big box gyms, lifting heavy weights and trying to “get big”.  Overtime I was starting to see results, but my plateaus were impossible to overcome and I started to get burned out.  I have known about CrossFit for about 5 years, but always thought it wasn’t really my style.  Starting a couple months ago, I met Tom and began doing CrossFit on a regular basis.  Since then I have seen immense gains in terms of my flexibility, pure strength, and overall physical conditioning.  I love these new workouts because they are always changing..which makes every workout exciting!  CrossFit is a great outlet for me to help exercise my competitive nature since it always has me pushing my body to the absolute limit.  Without a doubt, CrossFit is a great sport that will dramatically improve anyones physical and mental conditioning.  Everyone affiliated with the sport is passionate about taking the workouts to the next level, which is inspiring as well.  For anyone who wants to improve themselves on multiple levels and have a great time doing it, CrossFit is the only way to go.”

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