The Numbers: 7/21/10

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Training
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Workout of the Day-

Hero Workout – “Michael”

3 Rounds for time of:

Run 800 Meters

50 Back Extensions (Supermans on the mat)

50 Sit-Ups (Unanchored sit-ups, knees up)

Athlete Results-

Jenny O’Neil: 19:30

Lara Canham: 19:55

Kristin Timbers: 20:38

Melissa Onstad: 20:59

Carolyn Nairn: 27:06 (1000 Meter Row subbed for run)


90 Second L-Sit (from pull-ups bars)- Hang from bars with straight arms, and hold legs as close to 90 degrees from your torso as possible.  Each time you drop, that counts as one rep.  Goal is to complete the 90 seconds in as few “sets” as possible.

Jenny: 5 sets

Lara: 3 sets

Kristin: 5 sets

Melissa: 7 sets

Carolyn: 7 sets

This time Carolyn wasn’t able to make the class, so she did this a few days later.  Due to her ankle rehab, we subbed in a 1000 Meter Row for the 800 Meter run.  In my opinion, that distance of a row equals a bit more work than the 800 meter run, and she did a great job at holding her pace even when she was tired (splits were 4:46 / 4:47 / 5:03).  Great job, especially with me screaming at you since no one else was in that class!

For the girls that did it together, they were all with-in a few reps of each other for the entire workout.  That’s 20 minutes of nearly identical pacing.  So proud of you all for staying together.  Boom!

On the L-sits… they get easier, trust me!  That is an incredibly tough position to hold, especially from the pull-up bars.  I’ll show you guys soon how we can develop that strength practicing parallette L-sits.

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