The Numbers: 7/14/10

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Training
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Workout of the Day-

Before each movement, go out the front door with a ketlle bell in each hand and make an immediate right to take the shortest possible loop around the building.  The goal is to make it around the building as fast as possible, and to never need to set the kettle bells down.  Using the time it took you to complete the loop, complete as many repetitions as possible of the following movements in order:

  • Tire Jumps (“Box Jump” onto the largest tire)
  • Push-Ups
  • Wall Balls
  • Burpees

Loop times – :56 (seconds) / 1:30 / :55 / :55

Athlete Results-

Melissa Onstad (used 12kg kettle bells): 19 / 18 / 12 / 8

Kristin Timbers (used 8kg kettle bells): 21 / 25 / 12 / 10

Nikki (used 8kg kettle bells): 17 / 25 / 13 / 14


Max Jumping Pull-ups in 60 Seconds-

Melissa: 39

Kristin: 38

Nikki: 27

GREAT first workout!  None of you set down the kettle bells at all on the laps around the building, and throwing that 12lb medicine ball to that bottom line on the wall is no easy feat!  Remember that at the bottom of the wall-balls, we should always go into that full squat position where the crease of the hips go below the level of the top of the knee.

The jumping pull-ups were a great way to end the class.  Reaching full extension at the bottom, and getting the chin above the bar of every rep is no easy task.  Especially when you’re tired from an intense workout moments before.  Awesome job, team!

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