The Numbers: 9/29/10

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Training
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It was an awesome night at CrossFit Lakewood!

There were seven people that showed up to my third class in the new gym, and it was so much fun! Three of the athletes were first-time CrossFitters, three were returning regulars, and last but not least was Kristin. What an awesome group!

Workout of the Day:
Run 400m / 20 reps / Run 300m / 15 reps / Run 200m / 10 reps / Run 100m / 5 reps

The way this works is after running the distance listed, athletes complete the number of reps of the following exercises, in this order:
Squat Jumps / Push-Ups / Overhead Squats (w/ pvc) / Wall Sit Shoulder Press (w/ pvc) / Box Jumps / Burpees

Look at how high Johnny's jumping on those burpees!

Nothing about this workout was easy, but the way that everyone pushed and encouraged each other the entire time was inspiring. I hope to see all of you guys again!

Athlete Results:
Kristin – 25:30
Darcy – 29:08
Ashley B – 29:08
Clayton – 29:13
Karla – 29:24
Andy – 29:43
Johnny – 32:08

I’ve never done this before, but I think tonight’s workout deserves a “Moment of the Night”. As you can see on the video below, even at the end of a nearly 30-minute workout, Clayton’s form on his push-ups was absolutely perfect. For a second-time CrossFitter, I’d say the future is bright with this one! Great job to you, and to everyone else tonight!

  1. Boomer says:

    This one was a challenge, but having such a great group of people made it a lot of fun!

  2. Karla says:

    that was an awesome workout. i still feel it when i walk up the stairs. haha. can’t wait to see what you give us next!

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