Brain Power: 12/8/10

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hey guys,

Today is my first full day back in the US in two full weeks. The vacation I had in Brazil visiting my family was amazing, and I came back even more energized and excited about CrossFit than I was when I left. I’m ready to train myself, I’m ready to coach you guys, and I’m ready to feel the positivity that comes from BOTH of those things.

While sitting on the beach, I did a lot of thinking about myself as a trainer, and why I do what I do. Do I want to work as a CrossFit trainer full-time? 100% Yes. But am I coaching just to reach that point? 100% No.

I have been a coach in some form or another for over 12 years, and have trained athletes from ages 3-73. I do it because it’s what I love. I do it because I think I’m pretty good at it. But most importantly, I do it for you guys. That was a very powerful feeling to put into words for myself.

Having ONE person come up to me and say: “Through this training/sport/practice, I have gained more confidence in my life” is what makes it worth it for me. And you know what? It’s happened a lot. That’s why I do it. But I’m constantly trying to improve. Constantly.

The post below from the CrossFit Lisbeth blog helped me shed some light to the concept of improving. We aren’t always good at things, we aren’t always “nice” (as she says in the post) and we don’t always want to put in the time to improve areas of our lives that could benefit from a little practice.

Do you have fitness goals? For me, if you walk through the door at the gym, you’re already on your way to improving and reaching those goals. The hardest part is just getting there. My advice, get out the door, get into or onto your car/cab/bus/scooter/ice skates and get to the gym. It may not always be fun (although it can be if you want), but it will always leave you Better Than Yesterday

Similarly, and like the article says (I’m paraphrasing), Life may not always be fun, either. But as long as we take the time to improve something, we’re better than we were when we started. She writes “You are just like CrossFit. Full of so many different skills and movements that you can’t be great at all of them all of the time.” But we can improve things little by little.

Read the short article below and answer this in the comments section (it can be CrossFit related or not):
“What is one thing that you, personally, would like to improve?”

Click here to read the article

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