The Numbers: 12/22/10

Posted: December 22, 2010 in CrossFit, Training
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The Holidays are upon us, and that means people working late, people getting sick, and people leaving town to visit family. What it also means, is smaller class sizes, and a greater chance of athletes getting 1 on 1 coaching. Tonight’s winner: Jamie!

Jamie is still relatively new to CrossFit, so tonight was a perfect opportunity for him to get a personalized introduction to one of the most complicated movements in all of weight lifting, the Squat Snatch.

Most of our time was spend on just learning the form using a PVC pipe, and after skill work, and many progressions, Jamie was already consistent enough in his form to increase the weight. For a 30 minute session, you picked up the movement very well, sir!

After that, we completed a quick little lung-burner of a workout, and I sent him out the door for an awesome Christmas with his family!

Workout of the Day:
As Many Rounds as Possible in 6 minutes of-
3 Pull-Ups / 6 Hand-Release Push-Ups / 9 Air Squats

Jamie Air Squat, CrossFit Lakewood, CrossFit in Denver, Smashby Training

Full range of motion on every rep!

Athlete Results:
Jamie (UNassisted Pull-Ups!)- 7 full rounds

Jamie was at 6 full rounds at 5:15. After a lot of yelling and loud music, he turned on the after-burners and crushed that final round, finishing his last Air Squat with only 1 second left. What a great way to start vacation!

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