The Numbers: 12/29/10

Posted: December 31, 2010 in CrossFit, Training
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To start class today, we not only foam-rolled, but we busted out the baseballs for some added fun. If you’ve never rolled your legs out with a baseball or a lacrosse ball, give it a shot….

After that was done, I told Clayton that we’d be doing a “quick met-con” to loosen up. This quick little warm-up was:
3 rounds for time of-
15 burpees / 200 meter run

It’s definitely not a normal thing to start class with something like that, but we’re constantly varied though, right? Clayton pushed hard through this workout, actually making his last round, the fastest one of all!

Athlete result:

After that, we spent a bit of time working on the Push Jerk lift. Monday we talked about Clayton doing the Snatch Balance, and not getting his hips to full extension. Tonight, he made huge strides, keeping his back more vertical, and getting a big jump to help throw that bar off of his shoulders before dropping down. Awesome!

Finally, the mystery WOD was announced. After an intense burpee/run warm-up, then a shoulder/jump intensive skill session with a barbell, Clayton was going to do….


It turns out this was the first CrossFit workout Clayton ever did about 5 years ago, and when he did it then, he used 65 pounds on the bar. His time back then (when he used a completely different style of training!) was over 20 minutes. Tonight, we decided to stick with the 65 pounds to draw a direct correlation between his fitness level then, and his fitness level now. Check out the video below of his last 4 reps of the Thruster. TRY to tell me he’s not using that aggressive hip extension to get that bar overhead. GREAT intensity, Clayton!

Remember, the last time he did this 5 years ago, his time was over 20 minutes; he thinks maybe even over 25 minutes. Tonight, you’ll love how fast he completed the most popular CrossFit Workout! Aside from his killer time improvement, guess how else I know the workout was a success?

Clayton Fran, Smashby Training, CrossFit Lakewood, CrossFit in Denver

I call this one: Fran Domination!

Athlete Result:
Clayton (65lb barbell thrusters, unassisted pull-ups): 10:29!!

That’s a 10+ MINUTE PR!!! Awesome job, Clayton!

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