The Numbers: 1/12/11

Posted: January 13, 2011 in CrossFit, Training
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Jamie came in tonight, and it was a good one. First, we spent some time working on the Hang Power Snatch and Hang Squat Snatch lifts. These can be some of the most technically advanced lifts, and Jamie did a great job driving up through his heels, extending the hips and getting that powerful shrug linked together to get the bar high in the air. Great job!

For the workout, I wanted to introduce Jamie to one of our very own CrossFit “Girls”. As many of you know, CrossFit names many of it’s workouts after two main groups. First are the Hero’s who have died in the line of duty to protect our freedoms, and the second theme of named workouts is Women’s names. The girl that Jamie got to meet tonight… Barbara!

Workout of the Day:
5 Rounds for time of-
20 Pull-Ups / 30 Push-Ups / 40 Sit-Ups / 50 Air Squats
Rest exactly 3:00 minutes between rounds

Since it was his first time with this workout, I went ahead and cut it down to only 3 rounds. Barbara can be a “body weight” workout crusher, so we took it a little easy…. (ask Jamie if it seemed too easy) šŸ™‚ The way he pushed through the last 50 squats was incredible. Great finish!

Athlete Results:
Jamie (3 Bands round 1, 4 Bands rounds 2 and 3 pull-ups)- Rd 1- 8:30 / Rd 2 – 7:52 / Rd 3 – 8:37

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