My Resolutions to you!

Posted: January 17, 2011 in CrossFit, Training
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I came across a great post from Jennie over at CrossFit Fire and I had to write one of my own for you guys! She titled the piece “My Resolutions to you“, so I have borrowed the title for this post as well.

As I enter my first full calendar year as a CrossFit coach, I have already spoken to each of you multiple times about how excited I am! I am excited to grow and learn more as a coach and CrossFitter, and I am most excited to help each of you reach (and surpass) all of the attainable goals that we will set in 2011.
(Click here to reread one of my posts from last year on goal-setting, and here for another)

In the interest of copying Jennie’s format, here are some of MY resolutions to YOU:

In 2011 I will:

  • Grow our team to 10+ members (that’d be over 400% growth… and I’m ok with that!)
  • Introduce new and effective stretching and mobility skills/techniques, and making time for them in our class.
  • Create at least two “Pursuit of Paleo” posts per month to help facilitate healthier food choices for you.
  • Be more relentless than I have been on form. ~ For those 60 minutes in class, my goal is to give you the highest possible quality of training. Proper form is #1, and with it, you’ll be stronger and safer in the long run!
  • Meet with each of you at least once per month on your specific goals, whether they’re CrossFit-related or not!
  • Constantly keep your training fun and varied!

In 2011 I will no longer:

  • Fear repeating myself with the proper instruction of a movement because I think “you’ve already heard it before”. ~ The more you see things done right, and the more you practice them, the more likely you are to do them right at the end of an intense workout.
  • Just “talk” to you about your goals. We will document, and reference them often. And when we achieve one, we will quickly set another goal!
  • Be afraid to over scale someone’s workout (stolen directly from Jennie!). ~ If you push yourself hard enough, something as simple as 20 push-ups can be a hard workout. I am confident that regardless of the weights/movements used, you will all continue to improve as athletes. Again, my #1 priority is proper form, the rest will come from that.
  • Be afraid to PUSH you guys! ~ I know for a fact you’re each capable of so much more, so I hope you’re excited to be challenged this year! CrossFit is just as much about growing mentally as it is physically. I’m here to help you with both.

So there you have it.

I really hope you’re all as excited as I am for what this year is going to bring. It’s going to be a good one!
I’ll leave you with a great idea I got to help us improve our double-unders thanks to the guys over at Life AsRx! (Just don’t tell Orion…)

What do you think?

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