CrossFit Blog Central: 1/17/11

Posted: January 18, 2011 in CrossFit, Media
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CrossFit was mentioned again in the New York Times 2 weeks ago. The article is about Kristen Silverman, who is a “35-year-old chief operating officer of Nandana, a private resort in the Bahamas”.

The article breaks down her intro into CrossFit, some of the details of her lifestyle and work schedule and tricks she’s used to continue on a relatively “Paleo” diet, even through the Holiday season.

From the article: “Ms. Silverman conquered the holiday party circuit by keeping bags of almonds in her purse. “I try to stay away from that ‘hunger state’ that leads to poor decisions and if everything at the buffet is bad then I’ll enjoy the party and eat when I get home.”

“Find a fitness class that challenges you and even though it’s hard, it will ultimately become a confidence booster. Days I workout I feel so much more driven and find I get a lot more work done,” Ms. Silverman said.

It’s a great read, check it out!

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