The Numbers: 1/23/11

Posted: January 25, 2011 in CrossFit, Training
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Jamie came in after a weekend of friends in town and was ready to get back to CrossFit! After a warm-up we were off to hit Overhead Squats, working towards a 5-rep max. We’ve been working on Jamie’s flexibility, and even with room for improvement, when he gets down in the hole, his shoulder strength really helps him push that bar all the way up in the air! It’s looking better every day, Jamie! (Just make sure we keep that weight back on our heels, as that helps improve everything… Chest Position, Knees Out, Bar Overhead, etc)

The workout for the day would be a new variety for Jamie! There were three rounds, each one lasting 5 minutes. The goal was to complete a 500 meter row (with the Damper/Resistance set at 10!) as fast as possible. Let’s say that took 2:00, then he would have the remaining 3:00 of the 5 minute round to do as many Wall-Balls as possible. The goal of the workout is to complete as many Wall Ball Tosses as possible! I’m not sure if you’ve ever hopped off of a rower (hard “pulling”) and ran straight over to Wall Balls (hard “pushing”), but it’s a pretty gnarly combination. Great job, Jamie!

Workout of the Day:
3 5:00 Rounds of-
Row 500 meters / As many Wall Balls as possible in remaining time

Athlete Results:
Overhead Squat – 5 rep max
Jamie- Final Set 80lbs

Wall Ball Tosses by round-
Jamie- 27 / 25 / 38!

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