The Numbers: 1/30/11

Posted: January 31, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training
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Sunday Funday again! The weeks are going by fast, but I guess I can start viewing that as “it seems like there’s less time between CrossFit Classes! This week, Andy came back for another session, too, so I guess we didn’t scare him away last time!

To start off the day, we focused on a movement that is done very rarely in CrossFit, but one that I think is important to go back and hit every once and a while… The Bench Press! Check out Clayton, putting up 165 for 5 reps.

Once we finished the strength portion of the day, we hit a workout that I saw last year, and have wanted to try ever since. I’ll do this myself in the next few weeks, and maybe post a video of it, too. We’ll see.

Workout of the Day:
1 Clean and Jerk / 1 Round of Cindy / 2 Clean and Jerks / 1 Round of Cindy / etc. until / 10 Clean and Jerks / 1 Round of Cindy

The workout is 1 rep of a Ground to Overhead lift followed by 1 round of Cindy (which is 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 air squats). The most common and most efficient way to get something from the ground to over your head is generally going to be the Clean and Jerk. Once the athlete finishes one round of Cindy and one Clean and Jerk, then they complete one round of Cindy and then two Clean and Jerks. This pattern continues until the final round, which is 10 Ground to Overheads followed by the last round of Cindy.

Here are some clips of the guys doing work!

One of the highlights of today was watching Clayton crush the pull-ups with an awesome kip! We’ve talked for the last few months about how much his workout times will drop when he improves his kipping form. I’d say that’s pretty accurate watching this. Great Job!

Athlete Results:
Bench Press 5 Rep Max
Clayton- 165lbs
Jamie- 155lbs
Andy (performed Shoulder Press)- 65lbs

Clayton (75lb Clean and Jerk / Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups)- 27:45
Jamie (65lb Clean and Jerk / 3 Banded Pull-Ups)- 32:18
Andy (45lb Push Press / 3 Banded Pull-Ups / Wall Push-Ups)- 19:40

Finally, as promised, here is the video of two CrossFit All-Stars completing the workout as prescribed. Both of these men are incredible athletes!

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