CrossFit Blog Central: 2/2/11

Posted: February 2, 2011 in CrossFit, Training
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One thing I really like is reading a book, an article or a blog post that reads true from start to finish. You know, when you finish them, and you just smile because “someone finally got it right!” Today I found one of those articles that has helped to make this -15 degree day in Denver a little more bearable. Well, at least it gave me a few laughs.

This post, entitled “Gym Etiquette: Follow These Rules or Else” breaks down some pretty simple scenarios and concepts of how we can all get along in pretty much any gym. Shaun (the author of the post) first describes a scenario that he doesn’t like, and then offers advice on how to address them!

Many of the points discussed are common sense, but the way he describes them is off-the-wall and ridiculous! I know nothing about Shaun (except was is on his website), but I picture someone who looks like this writing this post, and that makes me laugh even more!

Here’s one example-

“Keep your distance” – Whether I’m doing squats, barbell curls, lateral raises or standing shoulder press, stay out of the way…! Every now and again there would be some idiot that would walk right in front of me to get to the weights rack or close enough to cause a distraction.

First off this is potentially dangerous to both the individual and myself. Secondly, a mirror is needed to keep good form. Walking in front of it and breaking up my form is the ultimate way to provoke me and guarantee a beat down.

That’s some funny stuff right there. And that’s just one of his many gems in this quick read. Take a few seconds and read over the rest of the advice he has to give, and then post your thoughts on the article in the comments section here.

Don’t read it for me, read it for your own safety. You don’t want to upset someone like that in the gym because you don’t know any better… do you?

  1. Kenia says:

    I get it… most don’t.

  2. Any time Smashby…. any time…

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