The Numbers: 2/7/11

Posted: February 7, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training
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Full house again tonight! I know the gym gets crowded, but I LOVE having this many people in class at once. The energy is through the roof, and even mid-workout the support is loud and nonstop. Thank you guys for that! Added bonus tonight, Coach Orion joined in for the workout, too!

For strength, we spent time working on a 5-rep max for the Overhead Squat. Check out CrossFit Rockwall’s awesome post on the Overhead Squat. It’s great to hear your coaches say certain things to drive home some points, but sometimes watching someone else say it helps drive the point home even more!

Today’s workout came to us from the CrossFit Main Site back on January 25th, and was a good one! A simple couplet (two movement workout) with one not-so-simple exercise (the Muscle-Up). For those of you who are not familiar with what a Muscle-Up is, it’s a movement that CrossFitters generally perform on the gymnastics rings. The athlete starts at a dead hang with arms fully locked out, goes into a pull-up, and the shoots their shoulders forwards on top of the rings, before finally performing a dip above them. Here’s an example of Ricky and Joe, two of CrossFit Omaha’s monsters, performing 100 of these things for time. It’s super cool to watch these awesome athletes!

If an athlete doesn’t have this complex movement, the sub will generally be pull-ups and dips separately until strength is developed to put the together! You end up doing more reps, but it should definitely make you stronger!

Workout of the Day:
3 Rounds for time of-
12 Muscle Ups / 75 Air Squats

Athlete Results:
5×5 Overhead Squat
Jamie- 100lbs x 5

Jamie (25 3-Banded Pull-Ups / 25 Box Dips / 25 Air Squats)- 19:33

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