The Numbers: 2/17/11

Posted: February 18, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training
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Once the group was warmed up, we started today off with Shoulder Presses. The goal was 5 sets of 5, and it was great to see the drills we did before with just PVc pipes, translate into the weighted bar bells! Backs were tight and locked in, weight was driving through the heels and heads were poked through “the window” during the lock-out at the top. Watch Jamie fight to get that last one! That was 105 pounds for 7 reps…. with a fight like that, I’ll count that last rep 🙂

The workout consisted of two movements in ladder form, one decreasing, one increasing in totals. Kettlebell Swings would start at 10 and work down to 1, and Burpees started at 1 and went up to 10. Here’s how the workout looked completely written out.

Workout of the Day:
Shoulder Press 5×5

10 KB Swings / 1 Burpee / 9 KB Swings / 2 Burpees / 8 KB Swings / 3 Burpees / 7 KB Swings / 4 Burpees / 6 KB Swings / 5 Burpees / 5 KB Swings / Burpees / 4 KB Swings / 7 Burpees / 3 KB Swings / 8 Burpees / 2 KB Swings / 9 Burpees / 1 KB Swing / 10 Burpees

Athlete Results:
Shoulder Press 5 x 5
Jamie- 105lbs x 7 reps

Jamie (16kg KB)- 11:08

Once the 6pm class was done, it was my turn to try the workout myself. Special Shout-Out to Ms. Polk for her awesome coaching! 🙂

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