Thought of the Day: 3/23/11

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Coach's Corner, CrossFit, Training
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Hello friends!

Over the last two weeks, here are some of the things I’ve heard from members of our CrossFit Lakewood family:

  • I’ve lost over 30 pounds by simply improving my diet and CrossFitting 4-5 times per week
    • (I’ve heard that from MORE THAN ONE person, too! THIRTY pounds!)
  • I am more effective at my job, and feel more comfortable knowing that if I need to save a coworker of mine, or save my own life, that I am better prepared do it
    • (From someone who works as a firefighter! Talk about real-life application!)
  • It used to require 4 assistance bands to do a single pull-up, now I’m down to only one!
    • (That’s in only a few months, too! Unassisted Pull-ups are sooo close!)
  • Through training at CrossFit Lakewood, I am more optimistic in every area of my life.  That positivity has helped make everyone around me happier, too.
    • (In no particular order, a healthy body and a healthy mind, hand in hand, are a POWERFUL combo!)


I am BEYOND inspired by all of you.  Every single day I see at least one thing that happens in our gym that shows me just how incredible you guys all are.  There is no other point of this post than to say thank you.

Thank you for letting me share in the transformations that you are all creating in your bodies, in your minds and in your lives.

I’m so grateful to be a part of this family.

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