The Numbers: 3/27/11

Posted: March 28, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training
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Today was a tough one. We had 6 athletes roll in for Sunday Funday, and they definitely got their money’s worth this afternoon.

Instead of posting a standard “3-rounder” or a 21-15-9 style workout, today I decided to throw down a bunch of smaller workouts over the course of the full hour. Most events were done in teams of 2, and the final scores will be listed at the end of this post once the videos have all been uploaded.

Get ready: There are LOTS of videos from today’s workout!!

Workout of the Day:
Partner 1 – Row 1000 meters
Partner 2 – Max Push-Ups during their partner’s rowing
Then switch and do it again

Max Sit-Ups (Ab-Mat) in 1 minute
30 seconds rest
Max Sit-Ups (Ab-Mat) in 1 minute

Partner 1 – Sprint back and forth through gym 7 total times
Partner 2 – Max Air Squats during their partner’s sprinting
Then switch and do it again

Broad Jumps down and back
Each team tried to make it from one end of the gym to the other, and then back again, in as few broad jumps as possible
In the event that someone lost their footing, they would need to start that length over

Look at WES doing these! Wow.

Max Hold of an Overhead Squat in the bottom position holding PVC overhead
Each athlete had 3 chances to stand and regroup, on the fourth, the clock stopped

Jamie could hold these alllll day.

Sprint “Clean-Up”
While laying down on the ground, wait for explanation of the next sprint, go down and back in the gym collecting one chip each time
Chips were left at the other end from WOD #3

Run Forwards!

Run Backwards!

Burpee and Run! (Andy… sorry about your hand!)

Crab Walk and Bear Crawl!

I just want to say great job to all of you! That was a lot of very explosive movements, and you all did an amazing job of keeping it together, and pushing through. Well done, team!

Athlete Results:
#1 (Row / Push-Up)
Ben- Row (800m) 3:53 / Push-Ups 99
Wes- Row 3:53 / Push-Ups 55
Andy- Row 4:07 / Push-Ups 109
Jamie- Row 3:59 / Push-Ups 50
Casey- Row 4:22 / Push-Ups 66
Alon- Row 4:22 / Push-Ups 42 (sub OHS)

#2 (Sit-Ups / 60 sec)
Ben- 40 / 37
Wes- 30 / 25
Andy- 43 / 38
Jamie- 28 /23
Casey- 35 / 32
Alon- 33 / 19

#3 (Air Squats)
Ben- 31
Wes- 30
Andy- 33
Jamie- 37
Casey- 32
Alon- 27

#4 (Broad Jumps – Down AND Back)
Ben- 25
Wes- 14
Andy- 20
Jamie- 18
Casey- 22
Alon- 20

#5 (OHS Hold / 3 breaks)
Ben- 1:55
Wes- :58
Andy- 1:33
Jamie- 2:28
Casey- 1:54
Alon- 1:23

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