Thought of the Day: 4/1/11

Posted: April 1, 2011 in CrossFit, Media
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I saw a picture online this week that made me laugh out loud. Literally. Not just type “lol” or “haha” (which I do a lot) and keep a straight face. I was laughing so hard because this image tends to be true for almost all of us. Not necessarily to this extent, but still true.

It made me think, though… it’s rare people will post on Facebook things that make them seem less cool (whatever that means). But there is a huge difference to me between only posting fun things that happen to you, and blatantly lying about who you are to make yourself seem (or feel) like a more worthwhile person.

I think it happens a lot, and it’s a really sad truth about our society today. The older I get (yep, I just dropped that line), the more I’m realizing that the most important thing in this world is being happy with who YOU are, and embracing it.

Do you have a quirky laugh (snorters, I’m talking to you here)? Can you make yourself laugh until you cry while the other people who just heard your joke stare blankly? Does your left pinky bend off to the side in a weird angle? Do you really like dipping french fries in your Wendy’s Frosty? GOOD!!! Embrace it! Be proud of who you are. ALL the time!

So, to quote Dr. Suess (or Bernard Baruch, depending on who you ask), live your life proud to be in your own skin because:

“Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.”

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Try to minimize the gap between these two images 🙂

(The original picture can be found here, along with their commentary on the post entitled “Lying to your Friends”. Funny stuff.)

Let’s show a real-life example of what I’m talking about. CrossFit Lakewood member Greg Walker is pretty much the man. He has a few choices with his Facebook posting, though.

He can only post pictures that make him look like a bad-ass (pardon my french) like this:

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"I am all that is man." ~ Greg Walker

OR, he can post pictures like these, where he looks… a little bit less “cool” (in the traditional sense of the word).

CrossFit, CrossFit Lakewood, Cross Fit, CrossFit in Denver, Smashby Training, Greg, Silly

Silly #1

CrossFit, CrossFit Lakewood, Cross Fit, CrossFit in Denver, Smashby Training, Greg, Silly

Silly #2

Thankfully, Greg is the kind of person who would do both. Again, that’s why he’s the man.

  1. Chandra Polk says:

    Sounds like conversations I’ve had with a certain teenager!! 🙂 Great stuff!!

    • Mrs. Polk, I may or may not have those same conversations with that same teenager on occasion 🙂

      I’ll tell you what, though… I see her growing up more and more every day. Having parents like you and Wes is the biggest blessing she could have! You guys are such an amazing family. Thank you for letting her spread her positivity and optimism through all of CrossFit Lakewood!

      (Casey, sorry to talk about you like you’re not going to read this, but it’s true!)

  2. Greg says:

    I’m all that is man

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