The Numbers: 7/5/11

Posted: July 6, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training
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We’re not caught up on past days yet, but I am getting back to Results post right now.

It was the first day back from a long Holiday Weekend, and I was very curious to see how people reacted to being back at the box! It felt like the first time seeing people from CrossFit Lakewood in a long time, so walking into the gym brought a huge smile to my face! (as usual)

The workout today started off with some Push Presses and the hit the WOD, which was Cindy today.

Workout of the Day
Push-press 3×3 warm-up 5×1 @ 85% 5×1 @ 90%-95%

As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 minutes:
5 Pull-ups / 10 Push-ups / 15 Squats

I love it when we have a full house!

  1. Heather says:

    It was fantastic to be back and see everyone!! Still working on this work/family/CrossFit balance but super happy to be in 2 nights in a row this week!! I’ll see you for Sunday Funday too!! ;))

    • Smashby says:

      You know we missed you, Heather! It was amazing to have you back, too.

      I’m really proud of you for your hard work to find that balance! Please let me know if I can do anything to help.

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