Well folks, the Sport of CrossFit is turning heads yet again. This time, on a slightly larger scale.

From 5 years ago where the “CrossFit Games” were held on a ranch in Southern California with a few people, to all but selling out the Home Depot Center in Carson, California, CrossFit is about to receive a pretty grand stage to showcase what we’re all about.

Starting TONIGHT Wednesday,  September 14th, a recap of The 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games will be televised on ESPN2!!

Check out the video below showing what it will be all about, and the TV schedule I pulled from the official video. This is going to be SO COOL! Now, part of “our story” will be put out there for thousands (millions?) of other people to see.

First, Reebok partners with CrossFit and starts to release a CrossFit-Specific clothing line. Now, ESPN2 Prime Time Coverage for 2 weeks in a row? Get ready for the next big wave, people. I told you we were going to take off.


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Here's the full schedule of events for ESPN2

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