Thought of the Day: 10/12/11

Posted: October 12, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training
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Lindsey Smith is amazing.

Yeah, that’s the thought of the day.

Ok, fine… the real thought is about dedication. I can promise you Lindsey wasn’t able to just walk in the door of her CrossFit gym on day one and complete this movement. In fact, I’d like to guess that MOST CrossFitters aren’t able to do what she just did. Not only a single strict muscle-up, but THREE in a row!

Dedication comes in many ways in regards to CrossFit.
~ How often and how smart you’re willing to train your BODY
~ How often and how smart you’re willing to train your MIND
~ Your willingness to focus the necessary time on flexibility and mobility work
~ Taking your diet into account and realizing that food can (should?) be used as FUEL
~ Resting when necessary so your body can recover and come back even stronger
~ the list goes on…

Like I say, CrossFit can be more than just 1 hour of working out a few times a week. How important is it for you to continually improve?

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