This post will not be part of a series. I just wanted to be one of the first to pass it along.

The moral of the story. PLEASE try CrossFit instead of a TV infomercial product! That is, unless you want to Slap Chop your way to a healthier lifestyle… then I approve. Now it’s time to get to business.

Ok, we all know about the Shake Weight, right?

“This is not a workout. This is a revolution. This is Shake Weight for Men. And it’s going to Kick. Your. Butt.”

Well, some of us were lucky enough to see the commercial for the Free Flexor.

“This is not an ordinary workout. This is not boring. This you will not soon forget.”

NOW…… forget it. Just watch for yourself.

***Some material may not be suitable for children, or people who don’t have a childish sense of humor. You’ve been warned.***

  1. […] thought that this post I did a while back (on the Shake Weight and similar products) would be the last time I watched a product advertisement […]

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