2011 MBS CrossFit Turkey Challenge

Posted: November 8, 2011 in CrossFit, Media, Training
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Last year, the Turkey Challenge (hosted by MBS CrossFit) was the most fun CrossFit competition I had ever attended. The event was low key and fun, had some amazing athletes and as my pictures show (Album 1 and Album 2), we had a great time! It was so cool also seeing some friends compete in their first-ever event, too.

This year has already promised to bigger and better than last year with the number of athletes increased significantly, and with the introduction of a TEAM Competition! Giddyup.

Usually before events like this the nerves build until the Friday before when at least some of the events are announced. This year, Pat Burke, and his crew up at MBS CrossFit have already leaked a “teaser”! They’ve let us know what to expect for the 2nd (of 4) individual events.

Check out the post below, taken directly from their site, and let me know what you think about this 3-part workout!

Individual WOD #2 – Skills Workout

For max points:
3 minutes to reach 1 Rep max Turkish Get Up (#’s)
2 minutes to get max handstand walk distance (feet)
1 minute max double unders (reps)

– Men start with 45# bar, women with 35# bar
– Only scaled can use KB’s
– Bars MUST be clipped
– Lift will begin with one hand on bar and both shoulders and feet touching ground. Other hand CANNOT touch the bar, or the lift must be reset.
– Lift finishes when athlete has bar in control overhead with feet in place (no chasing the bar).
– Do NOT let go of the bar from the top. You may either use both hands to control the bar to the ground, or maintain one hand on the bar and attempt to have the weights meet the ground simultaneously. Letting go of the bar from the top will result in an AUTOMATIC 50 point deduction from total score in addition to a 10 burpee penalty!

Handstand walk
– Rx division must travel a minimum of 5′ at a time. Scaled no minimum.
– Judge marks athletes rear hand when feet contact ground.

Your score will be your highest #’s lifted in the TGU + distance in feet on handstand walk + total number of completed double unders. For example:

Athlete completes a Turkish get up with a bar loaded at 95 lbs. Then he does a total of 75 feet in handstand walks. Finally, he finishes with 110 double unders. The athlete’s score would be 95 + 75 + 110 = 280.

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