The day has finally arrived, friends! Our Renegade Fitness hoodies and zip-up sweatshirts are here!!

Check out this video where I walk through the “product highlights” and describe what the designs will look like on them:

In case you guys are super visual (like me), here is what the DESIGNS will look like on the shirts.

Hoodies: Big “Colorado R” on the middle of the front
Zip-Ups: “Colorado R” on the left side of the jacket

BOTH: High Elevation Logo with our website underneath it.

CrossFit, Smashby Training, Renegade Fitness, Renegade Sweatshirts, Colorado R

We asked which you wanted.. you said both. You guys win 🙂

Let me know what you guys think of these products! They’ll be live on the Renegade Fitness website to Pre-Order by the end of this week, and we cannot wait to hear what you guys think!

As always, thank you guys for ALL of your support! We couldn’t keep doing this without you!! 🙂

  1. Alon says:

    Tally one for the zip-up fan group.

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