CrossFit, as a fitness program and a sport, continues to create a buzz! This time, a CrossFit competition is held between NBA Stars Jameer Nelson and Jason Terry. The two compete in a CF Event, while each of them have a celebrity partner. One is comedian Bill Bellamy, while the other is rapper Jadakiss. Nothing like a friendly little wager to add a little fun to the NBA season for these two guys. Good stuff!

Here’s the official “Video Description” from the page:
“Jason Terry and Jadakiss team up against Jameer Nelson and Bill Bellamy for the Crossfit FaceOFF. Comedian Anthony Anderson lends his commentary as the event’s emcee. If Jason Terry loses, he must put his superstitions aside, playing a game without his signature headband and socks. If Jameer Nelson loses, he must wear Jason Terry’s sweaty socks and headband when the Mavericks play the Magic!”

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