Ask Smashby: 11/1/12

Posted: November 1, 2012 in CrossFit, Media, Nutrition, Training
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Wow, it’s November!

Today’s topic comes from one of the athletes at CrossFit Lakewood. I’ll paste the question below:
“Will you please explain something to me? Why do I feel so incredibly guilty for making bad food choices yesterday? Every other day I eat completely clean and once a month, for a holiday or something, I eat whatever. And still I feel guilty. (I feel sick too, but that part I can understand.) why does this guilt about food follow me?!?!”

I’ll be blunt with you guys, I provide absolutely NO scientific feedback in the video below. Instead, I just offer some suggestions as to how I would recommend NOT feeling guilty based on my own experiences, and those of people I’ve talked to about this very topic.

Does this help at all? I’m curious to what you guys and gals think.

Oh, and thanks for the question “person” 🙂

  1. morin says:

    thanks for this blog! it’s nice to be reminded to relax and live life AND have fun. a friend of mine shared this on FB and it totally reminded me of your video blog, so i thought i’d share his interesting perspective

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