Thought of the Day: 2/8/16

Posted: February 8, 2016 in Uncategorized

It has been over a year since I’ve wanted to bring my regular blog posts back to the internet. Why hasn’t it been back? Well, there are a couple of reasons. The biggest one of all, is the most frustrating one for me to admit. For some reason, at one point I convinced myself that people didn’t really care about what I had to say.

It’s so weird I thought that because when I utilized this site regularly a few years back, it wasn’t to impress anyone in the first place. I was simply trying to take my years of experience in athletics, the fitness world, coaching, and in life in general… and putting my thoughts out in the universe, hoping it would resonate with anyone. I truly lived with the mindset of: If it helps ONE person, it was worth the 5, 10, 20 minutes, or in some cases, several hours of time it took to share a thought or a video. Having said that, it’s time for me to get Back to Basics! Every post I make will not be the best thing on the internet, and I don’t expect it to be either. What I AM going to start to do again, is try to ADD VALUE, and hopefully foster discussion between people in some way or another!

I often ask questions to the people who read my blog. The reason I ask them is because I want this to be an INTERACTIVE space. What types of posts are helpful? Should there be more information on technique and form of movements? Is mental outlook and “Game Day” preparation advice helpful? What type of content is FUN to watch? What information helps athletes feel like they’re better prepared to achieve their goals? What about nutrition, recipes, and meal-prep? Would it help for me to review specific items that you wonder about (shoes, equipment, bags, etc)? I’ve posted on all of these things in the past, mostly out of my own curiosity, but the goal was always to try and help you guys.

I’m happy to finally start writing and sharing my thoughts again, and I hope that together we can make this blog a resource for people everywhere again!

Happy 2016. Let’s go.


Here’s a photo of me competing in the 2015 Turkey Challenge

Photo courtesy of Brayshaw Creative

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