Smashby’s CF Games Open Strategy – WOD 16.4

Posted: March 17, 2016 in CrossFit, Training

Oh boy. Workout 16.4 of the 2016 CrossFit Games Open is going to be brutal. A true lower-back crusher, it seems.

For those of you who watch these videos prior to completing the workout, I would love to hear your feedback after you’re done as to whether or not these strategies helped you complete the workout more effectively.

Main Strategy Differences here between certain athlete groups:

For stronger athletes WITHOUT a proficiency at HSPU, GO! The tiebreak time after the row will find a lot of athletes fighting for the same score. In that moment, the tiebreak time will be critical to improve rankings.

In the event that an “Rx’d” athlete IS fairly proficient with HSPU, comfortable pacing is going to be important. It will be important that athletes know how hard they can push, while still keeping their heart rate under control. Red-lining any one part of this workout to soon will lead to a notable collapse. Pace, breathe, and be smart.

For the Scaled athletes, this is much more of a sprint. Larger sets of DL and Wall Ball are possible, and the Row can be pushed a little more. When it comes time for Hand-Release Push-Ups, smaller quick sets with short rest will be a better strategy than a few large sets, followed by that feeling of “crashing and burning”. There should be significantly more athletes who make it FAR into the second round in the Scaled division. Enjoy that!

Finally… BE SAFE with your technique! Broken form under large loads (the deadlift in particular for this one) can quickly lead to a fairly major injury. It’s better to rest an additional 10-20 seconds before resetting and picking up that bar again, than rounding your back and hoping for the best. It’s only exercise racing. Don’t get hurt!

Good luck on 16.4, everyone!

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