Smashby’s Meal Prep: 5/30/16

Posted: May 31, 2016 in Nutrition

The thoughts featured in the post and video are mine and mine alone!

The Memorial Day holiday messed up my scheduling a little bit this weekend, but here’s the latest installment of my Meal Prep series!

One of you asked last week about what a typical day’s worth of meals looks like for me, so that’s how this one ends.

As always, I mention that based on a person’s individual health goals, any number of substitutions can be made for any part of the meals I make. For example, I like red meat, eat some cheese, and typically have slightly larger portion sizes for most. You don’t need to follow what I do, just sub in or exclude whatever you’d like. These videos are meant to be more “inspiration” than “recipe”.

Also, if anyone is bored and wants to calculate out the Macros for what I eat, have at it!

We’re already 5 months through 2016, let’s see if I can keep coming up with fun meals to try and cook.


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