There can be only one… Really?

Posted: January 27, 2018 in CrossFit, Training
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Is there a single workout program that tops all others? I don’t think so. Most people work out to improve their overall health, to look and feel better, and to allow them to participate in other activities in their lives. So if one program isn’t the best, why are people so adamant at tearing down those who decide to take care a different path to be more active? Well, it’s because people are the worst sometimes, that’s why.


I tell athletes all the time that depending on what your goals are, almost ANY form of moving one’s body is great for you! Walking the neighborhood? Love it! Lifting weights? Why not? Dancing with your friends? Also awesome. The difference in effectiveness only starts to really matter when the athlete’s goals become more specific.

If you want to run really fast or jump really high, you should probably get strong legs and work on explosive movements often. If you are trying to lose a lot of weight, it makes sense to spend time working on high intensity interval type training and improving your diet. Would you like to improve your core strength and mobility, Pilates and Yoga would be a great place to start. Want to look good at the beach? Start doing those curlz for the girlz (and/or boyz). If you want to be good at CrossFit…. good luck. Practice everything, all day, every day, and I’ll see you in 10 years. (But seriously, it’s a tough sport to try and excel at everything!)

If you goal is to simply be healthier, more “fit” (whatever that means to you), and have a body that is more capable of doing things out in the real world, try all of it! My goal this year is to try one new fitness class per month. Why haven’t I taken an Orange Theory class yet? Would I survive a Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga class? I mean…. define survive.


The point is, having the ability to move in weird and crazy ways is an absolute gift. So many people are injured or faced with disabilities and would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to embarrass themselves at a Zumba class even though they might not have rhythm. Sometimes when it comes to our own physical abilities, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” Don’t take that for granted. Get out of your comfort zone, challenge your body and your brain more often, and remember to ALWAYS encourage others who are on their own journey to take care of themselves.

Those who make fun of someone at the gym for being overweight are really bad people. In my mind, having the courage to take active steps to improve your life deserves endless and unrelenting praise and support from every single person you know. One sit-up may not help a person lose the 30lbs they aim to shed, but doing that first sit-up can be a tipping point for a lifetime of healthier habits that could easily lead to surpassing any weight loss goals!

So put on your sneakers, find a friend, and try something new in the next few weeks. It might be an absolutely hilarious disaster, so if nothing else it’ll be a fun story to tell to your friends. Let me know what you get out there and do. Maybe I’ll try it, too!

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