Smashby’s CF Games Open Strategy – WOD 18.2

Posted: March 2, 2018 in CrossFit, Training

Week two of the 2018 CrossFit Games Open is here! After the release of workout 18.2, all we know is that it’s going to hurt:


I hope you enjoy my strategy video! I’ll summarize the workout in a few sentences below for those who prefer reading them. Enjoy!

Dumbbell Squats

Be sure to stand up all the way before going into your first squat each rep. Aim to hang onto the dumbbells each round without setting them down. Keeping the dumbbells as secure as possible at your shoulders, while keeping your chest as vertical as possible, will be your best bet. Remember, you do not need a full grip on the dumbbells, so just make sure your hands are on them and you have control.

Bar-Facing Burpees

All “Rx’d” athletes are required to jump back and jump up for their burpees, and jump and land with both feet at the same time over the barbell. Scaled athletes can not only step back and up on the burpee, they’re also permitted to step (versus jump) over the barbell! That will be a huge energy saver. My advice here, keep your heart rate down as low as possible while still meeting the standards for the burpee. Just keep it moving.

1RM Clean

A lot of athletes are going to underestimate what the first part of this workout will do to their ability to lift something heavy off of the ground. I recommend making the first attempt at the Clean somewhere around 60-70% of an athlete’s 1RM. That will allow some time to determine how they feel after part 18.2, and make the next jump(s) in weight accordingly. The first weight on the bar should be one that the athlete feels they could hit with 10/10 confidence. Having a Pit Crew ready to switch out weights and load up your bar for you will save you valuable time and help you get your heart rate down to prepare.

Pacing is the name of the game!

After completing rounds ONE THROUGH SEVEN, you are basically  only half way through the workout. PLEASE pace yourselves more than you want through the first half of 18.2 to be able to finish strong and leave something in the tank for part 18.2A.!

Good luck, have fun, I believe in you!!

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