Sunday Status Update 4/8/18

Posted: April 8, 2018 in CrossFit, Training

Here’s last week’s recap and my goals for the upcoming week.

Last week:

  • Fitness
    • Only one good strength day and one good workout this week, but that’s ok. I have been really stressed with life outside of the gym, so I’m glad I at least got in my four days of training.
    • I commented how I’ve been doing lots of Clean work and not a lot of Snatching. This week, it definitely showed.
    • Monday’s Clean Complex was fun.
      • EMOM 16 (4 Rounds):
        Minute 1 – 3 Power Cleans
        Minute 2 – 2 Hang Squat Cleans
        Minute 3 – 1 Squat Clean
        Minute 4 – Rest
    • Friday’s Snatch Complex was not! I was also feeling sorry for myself and was really tired. Next week I’ll be less of a baby!
      • EMOM 16 (4 Rounds)
        Minute 1 – 3 Power Snatches + 3 Overhead Squats
        Minute 2 – Rest
        Minute 3 – 5 Squat Snatches
        Minute 4 – Rest
  • Health
    • Another good week of meal prep in the books. I don’t think I went out to eat for lunch (due to lack of planning) a single day, and always had food relatively closeby.
    • Still continuing to increase my number of hours of sleep per night.
  • Other
    • Taxes are DONE!
    • I gave that speech at the Urologists Conference yesterday, and I think it went well! Feels good to get another one under my belt, and identified several ways to make it even better for the next time. Progress.

This week:

  • I will sleep seven hours one night this week. I can do it!
  • This week I’m also getting back on the train with my blog. Last week was so busy with taxes and preparing for my presentation. We’re going to see how getting some sort of schedule together works, and if I can get some of you to interact a bit more through some fun ideas!

Alright, your turn. What’s going on with all of you?

Pic of the week from the pool today. I’m currently training four athletes to swim better, and that means driving all over town. Today’s second pool stop: the University of Denver. Have a great week, everyone!

  1. Miloca says:

    Thank you for telling us that sometimes even you have difficulties to keep up with your fitness routine and need to take it easier!
    Have a great week! I will try to do part of your clean and snatch complex!

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