CrossFitters often justify not being even better athletes by claiming that many of us have real jobs outside of the gym.

“I just don’t have time to row more, or my 5k time would be under 19 for sure!”

“I wish I had time to hang out in the gym all day, then I’d have muscle-ups.”

“I’d definitely be able to clean and jerk 315lbs if I wasn’t an accountant! Some of us have jobs, though!

Well… a few weeks ago, a guy named Scott Foster proved that it’s possible to have a day job AND perform at the highest level. The 36 year-old accountant from Chicago found himself on the ice as the goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks, and helped his team secure a win against the Winnipeg Jets!

NHL: MAR 29 Jets at Blackhawks

Scott Foster – Photo from FortuneDotCom

The short version of this story is that NHL teams have “emergency goalies” on-hand in case the two goalies on the roster get hurt or can’t play. Usually, when Foster is the emergency guy, he gets to hang out in a suite at the arena and eat free food. On this particular day, both goalies got hurt and he was given the green light to head down to the locker room to fill in at the net!

In his NHL debut, Foster made six saves against a team that is now playing in the Stanley Cup Finals, and the city of Chicago immediately accepted him as a local hero. A modern day Rudy. Except Scott Foster is actually good! What an awesome feel-good story. Great job, Scott!

Click here to read an article that explains the entire story.

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