Smashby’s CF Games Open Strategy – WOD 23.3

Posted: March 2, 2023 in CrossFit, Training
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The FINAL week of the 2023 CrossFit Games Open is already here!

For the first time this season we’re presented with a workout where *IF* an athlete completes a required amount of work in 6 minutes, they *GET* to continue on with the workout!

Since parts of this workout are simply outside the current capabilities of certain athletes, there may be more people who decide to attack the “Scaled” version of this one. If you’re officially registered on the Games site, however, just remember that ONE REP at the “Rx” standard will rank you above every single Scaled athlete. That means that I encourage most athletes who can complete Wall Walks to the standard and at least a couple of Double-Unders should go the Rx’d route!

The worst thing to have happen on the “first two blocks” of movements would be to get No Reps called by moving too fast. Make sure you practice the timing of when your hands can legally leave the lines and make sure your hands get back down to the line prior to your lower body hitting the ground.

Practice how you can efficiently get into your next set of Double-Unders, especially when under fatigue, so that you don’t constantly get tripped up. That could mean throwing in a few extra Single-Unders prior to jumping a bit higher and flicking your wrists a bit faster.

During your warm-up I encourage athletes to build up to a heavy, but not 1RM Snatch, with the goal of hitting at least the “Third Weight” that will be on the barbell if you make it that far.

If you plan to make it to the Strict Handstand Push-Ups, make sure you really understand what those reps need to look like in order to count. Keeping your midsection tight and body stacked over your shoulders is going to absolutely critical in order to keep that movement as efficient as possible. Try your best not waste any reps here since once “strict” reps go, it can take a really long time to recover enough to start making reps again. That could means quick singles or doubles with shorter rests instead of try to knock out bigger sets at the beginning.

My strategy video is below and I hope it helps some of you! Thank you all once more for tuning in for another year of these posts!

I’ll leave you once more with my favorite closing line:

Good Luck, Have Fun, I Believe In You… and I’ll see you again next year. 🙂

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