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This one was just weird! I was at the gym with Orion and Greg yesterday, and they told me about this video they had seen on YouTube of “some guy who deadlifted, like, a thousand pounds.” They told me how fired up he got and how incredible it looked to watch that much weight come off of the ground.

A few hours later, I got an email from my friend Rachel who “Recommended” I watch a video. Which video was this?! A video of some dude deadlifting over 1,000 pounds! Check. This. Out.

Are you kidding me?!

Ok, ok…… I know what you’re thinking! “Of course he pulled 1,100 pounds. He used wrist wraps! Anyone can do that with straps!”

Agreed!!! I bet his RAW Deadlift is only 450 or something. OR IS IT!?!?!
1,015 Pounds. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!