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The is probably one of my favorite blogs out there, but before I talk about it, let me address something. I really don’t like the name of the blog! The author (who is awesome) explains in this post why she used the name, and makes a few very valid explantions for why. One example, “… the “fattie” label in the title also is to let others in the same shape know I get it. That’s another sociolinguistic concept; that you use particular terms to identify yourself as a member of a community.” Ok, fine. But I still wish it were called something else. 🙂

Ok, now that I got that off of my chest, today’s topic is about some major concerns that present themselves when an athlete (aka, anyone) considers walking into a CrossFit gym for the first time. The post is called “7 critical concerns for the atypical CrossFitter“. In the piece, seven very important issues are discussed that many people either might not think of, or are too afraid to bring up, during their own individual “adventures” as CrossFitters. I mention in the video that while the points are very valid and relevant to new (and potential) CrossFit athletes, I think these are points that should also resonate with all athletes, regardless of ability level!

She starts her original post with this:
“This last week I had a rather unexpected setback. I had a “minor” oral surgery procedure that managed to knock me on my butt for at least three days straight (advertised as “you’ll be up and going the day after”). I visited my wonderful physical therapist, Dr. Stephanie Thurmond, and after talking to her, and reading some blogs and comments from other folks in my position, I started thinking about CrossFit for “nonathletes” generally and what’s important for those of us who

are overweight to morbidly obese,
are over 50,
are congenitally awkward and remember PE as a torture chamber filled with humiliation,
have accumulated injuries that need accommodation,
are illness- or injury-prone,
have hormone issues (HRT, perimenopausal). and/or
have illnesses that make them hypersensitive to stimuli (fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, allergies and asthma, as examples).
I’ve discussed much of this in other posts, but I felt the need to sum up.”

With that introduction, let’s get right to it.

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