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Happy Sunday, friends! The purpose of this post is to let all of you know that CrossFit Golden has finally opened!
Orion Tulchin (owner of CrossFit Lakewood) and Greg Walker (yep, they own Renegade Fitness with me!) opened the gym together, and it is a beautiful space!

The Grand Opening celebration was yesterday, and it was an absolute blast! The turn-out from friends and family was awesome, the workout was fun, and the socializing after couldn’t have been beat (as usual with this crew of people)!!

Not only did my friend John set up supplements from his company Simply Pure Nutrients (I’ve actually been taking his products for a while and really like them), but Dr. Dorian Haywood from Chiromega Chiropractic came by to work on the athletes, too.

I took a couple of pictures before the party started and wanted to share them with you guys so you could see how amazing the gym looks. Before I share them, though, let me say one thing:

I know I speak for Orion and Greg when I say that this gym COULD NOT have turned out so amazing without the tireless and selfless work of so many of our members. All-day paint sessions, mat installing, moving… and then removing the pull-up rig, I mean it was not easy. The best part of all was that people were all smiles the entire time! You all did an INCREDIBLE job of making CrossFit Golden look as beautiful as it does. THANK YOU!!

CrossFit, Smashby Training, CrossFit Golden, CF Golden WOD Space

BEAUTIFUL CrossFit Golden

CrossFit, Smashby Training, CrossFit Golden, CF Golden Entry

Here is the "Main Entrance" area

CrossFit, Smashby Training, CrossFit Golden, CF Golden Renegade Store, Renegade Fitness

A closer look at the "Renegade FItnesss Store" at CF Golden!

CrossFit, Smashby Training, CrossFit Golden, Weight Stack

Weights stacked neatly AFTER the party!