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There are five workouts per year where it really helps to be a positive person for those around you. Five. Those are the five workouts of the CrossFit Games Open, where your whole gym comes together to root a little harder for one another than they do the other 360 days of the year. (I feel like they should, at least…)

For some people, this is the most nervous they’ll get for any CrossFit workout. They put tons of undue and unnecessary pressure on themselves, they want to keep up with their friends, and the thought of getting their first “insert movement here” keeps them up at night. I have written other posts, and will likely write more in the future about how this pressure is mostly unnecessary, and pretty unhealthy to be honest… BUT, it still happens. Knowing that, the best thing we can do for one another is provide unconditional encouragement and support.

If you’re someone like me, it’s really easy to cheer for others. I legitimately get more excited seeing others succeed than I do for my own performance. My problem is keeping the pressure on myself to a minimum. What that typically looks like is me sitting alone for a while before events, and then recovering on my own afterwards. While that’s my own way of trying to keep it together, there are other people who are much more vocal and public with their negative emotions before working out. While I might tell myself that “this is going to suck,” or “I’m not good at x or y,” talking like that out loud can really impact others. Your energy can always be felt in the gym, and if you come in spouting negativity and being a crybaby, that will very likely spread to those around you.


Like I said, I always try to be positive to others, but have a hard time speaking positively to and about myself in these competitive circumstances. Don’t be like me. We’re working out. For fun. With friends. If a workout looks really tough or has movements you’re not proficient doing, use it as a learning opportunity. Make a list of things you want to improve for next year. There are so many ways to channel negative or anxious energy into productive growth.

So when the first workout is released on that Thursday night, try to check yourself right out of the gate. Is it going to hurt? Yep, probably. Will you be nervous going into it? Maybe, and that’s fine. But through all of that, walk in the front door fired up to push yourself, throw down with your friends, and ENCOURAGE those around you. If you have a hard time feeling positive, fake it till you make it! Being the best cheerleader out there and empowering others will have a far more positive impact on your community than you winning an event at the gym, anyways. You’ve got this. Let’s have some fun together!


One of my friends owns the CrossFit gym, Glenwood Springs CrossFit. This post he made yesterday really rang true to me as an athlete, and a coach, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

The post is called “The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy“, and discusses a concept that I LOVE to preach often. Frequently, as a coach, we’ll hear athletes say negative things. Believing in yourself and being positive is so important, and we should all practice more of it!

I have a few “canned responses” that a lot of people know I say… and I’m sure they love hearing it every time. Here’s two examples:


Athlete- “I can’t do that!”

Me- “Not with that attitude, you can’t!”


Athlete- “I HATE burpees!”
Me- “What was that?”
Athlete- (usually after an eye roll and sigh of frustration) “I mean, I’m excited to have the opportunity to improve my burpees.”


(image courtesy of

The point of the post is this, as humans, we have the ability to CHOOSE how we approach, and react to, what life gives us. If you remember this little guy in the video below, he probably has the greatest attitude of any person ever. Imagine if we ALL approached every situation with this attitude. We’d be unstoppable!

So, read the article, figure out if you’re one of those people who walks into the gym (or any other place in life, for that matter) with a negative attitude like Debbie Downer…


and if you are…… STOP BEING THAT PERSON.

My challenge to you is to take ONE DAY next week, and approach absolutely everything that life gives you with a positive attitude. One day.

Try it, and let me know how it goes. My prediction, you, and everyone around you will be happier. And who doesn’t want that!?

(Author’s note: In the interest of full discolure, as an athlete, I’m working on this very concept, myself. But I’m getting better!)

Happy Thursday!

The post again: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy