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This entire week it is going to be 80 degrees in Denver. I LOVE sunny weather a LOT, so hearing things like that is music to my ears. In my head, sun = happy. You know what it also means to some people, though… BEACH SEASON! I saw this article posted today and had to share it with you all.

Beach season, which should be one of the happiest thoughts in the world, unfortunately also leads to a wave of stress in people’s minds. WHY?! Oh, right… because we don’t have PERFECT bodies. Maybe if we don’t eat for a few days, or workout 4 times per day, or deprive ourselves of food or drink that makes us happy, we’ll be able to lose those “last few pounds”, right?

C’mon, people! Now let me qualify this by saying I have been really bad about that in my life. I still do have bouts of being unsatisfied with my appearance, but here’s the deal…. it’s stupid. In my opinion, our goal at the end of the day should be simple; Be healthy. If you have a spare tire, or a few extra pounds, and you’re conscious of what you put into your body and make smart food decisions most of the time, odds are you’re healthy. And that is something to be REALLY grateful for in this life!

Aside from that, I think our stress levels should be decreased by about 80%! I think one of my favorite comedians, Kevin James, said it best:
“My fitness goals are different than most peoples. Most people want to lose enough weight so they look good in a bathing suit or they want to lower their cholesterol. I just want to lose enough so my stomach doesn’t jiggle when I brush my teeth.”

Check out the awesome article “How to Get That Perfect Beach Body” ~ by Hamilton Nolan by clicking here. Here are some of my favorite quotes, though…

***NOTE – there is some “vulgar” language featured… if you don’t like that, stop reading here.***

– Allow me to posit to you, in the spirit of Ultimate Hardcoreness™, this idea: you have the perfect beach body already. Do you have the perfect body? No. You do not. In all likelihood your body suffers from myriad physical flaws which we won’t go into here except to just nod meaningfully at your undeveloped quadriceps. But you do not need the perfect body to go to the beach. You just need your body to go to the beach. The beach—despite being full of assholes, in many parts of the country—is supposed to be fun.

– You don’t need visible abs to go to the beach. You don’t need baseball-shaped biceps to go to the beach. You don’t need perfect curves, a slim figure, or a nice tan to go to the beach. You, with the body in which you currently reside, pale/ fat/ scrawny/ mediocre though it may be, should go the beach and have some f***ing fun. You should put on your bathing suit, take off your shirt, apply sunscreen, and frolic in the water.

– Should you work out Ultimate Hardcore™ style all year round in order to infuse yourself with a sense of empowering hardcoreness that will fill you with confidence and energy and contribute to your physical and mental health far more than any desperate vanity-driven crash diet ever could? Yes. Yes you should. But that is a matter of general lifestyle advice. It has nothing to do with your “beach body.” You, Shlubby McCouchsitter, have every bit as much right to go to the god damn beach as Mr. Universe does.

Most of you won’t like this, but I saw it today and HAD to share.

Heavy Metal is a genre of music that most people can’t really get behind. Partly because it’s so loud, partly because it’s usually so angry and partly because you can barely understand the lead singer’s screaming voice.

At least you can understand this one… LOVE this video! (Original post from

There was a CrossFit commercial. On TV. During the NFC Divisional Championship game (that’s football, Juli). That means, I can only guess, that a few MILLION more people saw what CrossFit is all about for the first time.

I was sitting there at a lunch with my friend watching it at a bar (because I knew it would be on during the game), and for the entire commercial, I was just smiling and fist-pumping in my seat. What an idiot! The commercial was over and I said to my friend… “I know I had NOTHING to do with creating that commercial, but WOW did I feel proud watching it!”

A lot of people are saying that CrossFit has “sold out” now due to their partnership with Reebok, but I say, “if our goal is to change lives for the better and make people healthier, why does it matter HOW they hear about it?” I love it. Check out the commercial below.

To accompany that, another short video was released with CrossFit Founder, Greg Glassman, talking about what CrossFit is all about.

So… did CrossFit “sell out”? Well, to jump on a bandwagon that almost certainly saw an INCREASE in the “trending” that #CrossFit and #Reebok must have had on Twitter after the commercial was debuted yesterday, Hamilton Nolan (blogger from released a piece this morning on CrossFit.

The title of his post: Crossfit Is Over

Go ahead and click that title and read the full post over on the site (it’s pretty short), but the point of the post was to say that now Reebok has partnered with CrossFit, that the program is less “underground.” Does that therefore make the program less effective, too? And a partnership with Reebok? “Yeah. Not even one of the cool shoe brands,” he says.

Some of the things he says in the piece (pasted word-for-word):
“Next thing you know Crossfit gyms will be popping up at ever suburban strip mall from here to San Diego, and wealthy stay at home moms will start showing up after their yoga classes, and Jillian Michaels will make a Crossfit DVD, and there will be a Crossfit reality show and some MTV kid will get MADE, into someone who can do 20 pullups. And then there will be the inevitable Under Armour- Reebok- Nike Crossfit sneaker wars, until every Crossfit club is owned and branded, and there will be a pro tour and youth leagues and fashion shoots and celebrity endorsements and doping scandals and cheating.”

Actually guys…. he’s right. It’s been heading in that direction for some time, as we can all tell. You know why? Because people, athletes, companies… are starting to MAKE MONEY with CrossFit. You know where else that happens? Every other professional sport.

Again, though, back to my point, and my stance on the subject…. I don’t train/coach/(live?) CrossFit to make money from it. I do it because it’s hands-down the most effective physical training program I’ve ever come across. I do it because I’ve physically seen it change people’s lives for the better (my own included), not because Reebok now makes “CrossFit Shoes”.

(Sidenote: shoes I will likely NEVER own because of how expensive they are…)

So, is he right in saying “And Crossfit will be full of *ssholes. Too bad.”? No. I think there will be the same ratio of cool people to *ssholes as there is right now. As the sport continues to change, it’s core will still be the thousands of people who do it for the right reasons… and those regular, normal, everyday people are awesome!

You know what WON’T change, even when (even more) celebrities and professional sports teams start using CrossFit, though? I still won’t choose to associate with any of those people.

Final Thoughts:
CrossFit is quickly turning into two different things.

First is CrossFit as a workout program and fitness regimen. This side of CrossFit does, and ALWAYS WILL, be appropriate for anyone. Yes. Anyone can do CrossFit… (And personally, I think everyone SHOULD)

The second is CrossFit as a legitimate Competitive Sport. This is where there will be multi-million dollar prize packages, multi-million dollar sponsorships, scandals and controversies, celebrities, glitz and glam. That just comes with the territory, people. The difference between this and every other sport out there, is when people are in the stands watching the CrossFit Games, almost all of the fans are active participants in the same activities. So, even though we don’t lift as much weight, and move as quickly as those “elite firebreathers”… we share in what they do moreso than any other sport.

That’s one of the biggest differences in CrossFit to me. We all get it. And whether you’re the best athlete in your gym, or a first-timer getting off of the couch for the first time in a decade, we’re all on the same level…. we’re all trying to be “better than yesterday.”

So, while CrossFit may have “sold out” depending on who you ask…. CrossFit is most definitely NOT over.

Nice little rant today, huh?

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