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Dear newscaster,

I get it. You want to be cute, and come up with witty little one-liners. But in my opinion, you are the only bad part of an AWESOME story about Brianna Amat, the first girl to make the varsity football team at Pinckney Community High School in Michigan (from!

This girl not only dominates the kicks during the game, but during halftime was asked to come out of the locker room… to be named Homecoming Queen. If THAT’S not cool enough, she then kicks a career-long field goal to beat the #7-ranked team in the state and win the game for her team.

In my crew, we call that an Epic Win.

Then, the newscaster comes back on the air with this gem, “And it’s tough to kick a field goal in high heels…”

Oh, local newscasters. One day, you’ll learn! (probably not, actually)

AWESOME story, though! Go Brianna!

Here’s a link to the full story on, and here’s the link to the video on the Wall Street Journal site!