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Today’s “Thought of the Day” is a quick one.

Life Is Short.

I think that’s a statement most of us can agree on, right?

So, are there any BIG THINGS in your life that have you down? For me, I stayed in a job for “far too long” and let myself get really bogged down with the negative sides of day-to-day life at work. (I’ve already apologized to many of you for being such a whiner all the time about it, too.)

The point of bringing that up is to say there may be some things going on in our life that bring us down. Many times, instead of trying to address them, we’ll just leave or ignore them.

My challenge to each of you today is to see if there’s something in your life that is weighing negatively on you… and after you identify what that thing is… really stop and think whether or not you can do something to either CONQUER it, or the alternative, Let It Go.

Human’s are creatures of habit. And for better or worse, many of us “like” to stay in our comfort zone, even if those zones are UNcomfortable.

Life will be begin to change when we’re willing to step out of that zone and take some chances.

If you’re willing to share, what are the things you’re going to try and change?
(Mine was my job… which I left! I’m now VERY happy in my day job. Yay, me!)