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When I walk around the gym every day, I see a bunch of people working hard to be more fit. I also see people who outside these walls live completely different lives from one another. It’s crazy for me to coach someone for months and then find out they’re the CEO of their own company. Why? Because to me, they might have been that really fast runner, or the person who HAS to nervous pee before every workout, or the cherry picker who only shows up on days with heavy squats. I see athletes as people who come to the gym to work out. Everywhere else, they’re “Pastor so-and-so” or “Dr. such-and-such.” There will be accountants, nurses, stay-at-home parents, bartenders, lawyers, and teachers, all throwing down next to each other, not even aware what their classmates do for a living.

A local gym can serve so many purposes outside of just improving health and fitness. They can be local community chambers of commerce, networking hubs, and resource pools for any number of things. I’ve seen members find surgeons and physical therapists based on referrals of athletes in their class. Countless others have sold and purchased homes because of a realtor they met on a Saturday workout. Even if members themselves might not be in a particular profession, they’ll likely know other people who specialize in a specific field.

Learning more about these people you see a few times per week can have so many positive outcomes. It will not only help you grow your professional network and allow for potential referrals across industries when you find a time to connect individuals, but depending on what you do, it could even lead to you picking up a few new clients of your own. Finally, and not to freak anyone out, but getting to know others better at the gym could also lead to real-life, non “social media only,” actual in-person human friendships! I know!!


There’s a saying most of us have heard that says, “Your network is your net worth.” More than one’s actual “worth” though, because that sounds so selfish to me, it means that if you know professionals in different industries, you can be a greater resource to those that you care about. For a lot of us, being able to add value for others is one of the best feelings in the world!

Seth Godin is a marketing guru who sends out daily emails to people who are interested in hearing little tidbits he has to share with us on life, success, business and more. I like them because they’re usually very short (yet effective), and I can read them while I walk from my car to my office in the mornings.

One part of his message on September 22nd said something that instantly resonated with me.

Too often, the corporate world pushes talking points onto people, and more often than that, speakers and writers get nervous and they turn into parrots. The only reason to go through the hassle and risk of putting yourself out there is to be out there… you, not a clone.”

I’ve been writing this blog for over a year now, and I’m still trying to find my “voice”! I realize that while my voice will probably continue to change, I hope that the way in which I deliver MY message will always be MY voice.

The reason I think this is worth a unique post is so I can challenge you guys. Find YOUR voice. Find YOUR way of doing things. And once you do, stick to it fearlessly and without shame! Over the last 12 months or so, I’ve become SO much more comfortable in my own skin, I’ve begun “using my words” more to actually say how I feel about things, and it is such a great way to live!

With that being said, this blog is going to be more about ME and what I want to see. Now, I’m still 10000% interested in what you guys want to see or hear about or learn, but if I don’t get any ideas, questions or feedback, the posts won’t stop! I’m curious as to how you guys will react to me actually posting things that I want to see and not stopping myself because “no one else would care” about what I liked. I feel like there’s a part of you that comes here to see exactly that… what I feel, or like, or think.

So, here’s to me. And here’s to you. And here’s to our unique voices!

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