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I love a good Flashback Friday post just as much as the next person. I have also posted a LOT of videos of myself working out over the last decade, so I’ve got quite the arsenal to pull from. Therefore, the first installment of my Flashback Friday series comes from one of the first workouts I ever did at CrossFit Lodo with my friend Grayson.

I’ve been doing CrossFit since September of 2008 (almost a decade now?!), but I’ve never had a coach. That means all of my barbell work was self-taught, and I’m still trying to break bad habits to this day. But man did I ever try hard.

The video below was taken two and a half YEARS into my CrossFit journey, and my technique is still so painful to watch! I just remember being so nervous to be in Grayson’s home gym, with his friends around, and wanting desperately to keep up. Well, when I was working out against someone whose nickname was Thor and looked like an action figure, let’s just say I was not able to keep up. What ensued, was some of the worst excuses for cleans I have ever seen. (Guys, did we all look like that back then? No? Just me? Ok, cool.)


I know… I know…. It was bad.

Please only take this video as a fun little throwback of me and a friend working out, and do not try this at home! This is the “what not to do” video, not the proper example! So funny. Kind of. Since then, I can at least say that I’ve learned how Power Clean.

One of my favorite parts of CrossFit, is that it has introduced me to so many friends from all over the country and the world. I mean, I even met my wife through CrossFit! Thanks Grayson for making my first few years in this crazy sport of ours more fun. Enjoy, everyone!

A lot of what is written below in the post from the CrossFit Lisbeth Blog is how I try to live my life every day. This rings ESPECIALLY true for me “CrossFit Life” while I’m in the gym.

To her final question: “Are you old school?” I would need to say: Yes.

Are YOU?

Old School

~ Posted by Lisbeth on Oct 12, 2011

What is Old School?

Integrity, honor, commitment, doing the right thing. Being impeccable with your word. Not gossiping. Treating people like you wish to be treated. Being true and honest. Reducing bull**** in life instead of adding to it.

Being polite.

Getting your chest to the deck on a push-up.

Opening your ears and shutting your mouth when someone else is speaking.

Sitting all the way up in a sit-up.

Counting all your reps . . . and adding more if there’s any question in your mind.

Not counting the wall-balls that don’t go to the top of the mark.

Getting your chin all the way over the bar in a pull-up, not just up to the bar. (Except on butterflies!)

Facing your fears, whether they’re handstands, overhead squats, or some bogeyman under your bed.

Calling your mother, even if you don’t really like her. (Or your sister, your brother, your grandma, etc.)

Wiping down your bar, even if you don’t think you bled on it.

Respect. Apologies. Minding your own business.

Putting away the bumpers in an orderly pile.

Community, not cliques.

Looking people in the eye when you talk to them.

Helping break down someone else’s bar.

Introducing yourself to any new person in the gym.

Finding and throwing away your water bottle at the end of class.

Cheering for everyone in class (even people you don’t like that much) because we all bleed the same color: CrossFit.

Having respect for those who came before you.

Being a human first, and a CrossFitter second.

Are you old school?

I leave in a few hours for my best friend’s wedding in Lincoln, Nebraska. I couldn’t be happier for both Jared and Katie, and I am beyond honored that he chose me to be his best man! These are two of the nicest people I’ve ever known, and the fact that they’re finally getting married after all of these years brings a huge smile to my face!

In honor of all best men out there, I am only hoping to do the role justice this weekend.

So if you’ll all please raise your glasses and join me in a toast. To Jared and Katie!