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Deadlifts! They are one of my favorite lifts, but there is always new stuff to learn about how to do them more effectively.

Personally, my problem tends to be lifting my butt up first before my chest. My buddy Zach always tells me to “lift with my legs and keep my chest high”. My response is usually…. it feels like I am! But then I see a video, and sure enough, butt comes up first.

The video below (from CrossFitHQ) gives a few extra pointers and queues to think about as an athlete. Check it out and let me know if these tips are helpful for you guys, too!

(p.s.- Please watch in the video, there are some reps where Courtney Modecki’s back rounds quite a bit. The note posted on the video mentions that the coach and athlete have a history together and then are aware of what the athlete can/can’t do safely. That is very important. To newer lifters, in my opinion as a trainer, that back should almost NEVER round due to the likelihood of injury. In experienced lifters, such as her, the back may round at “near 1-rep max weights”. Years of training can help prepare the body to handle it, but without that experience, once the back starts to round, I’ll stop most of my athletes!)

Today’s Thought of the Day is:

Is CrossFit for everyone?

Today’s response will come from the crew at Outlaw CrossFit, and their awesome member Maggie.

What are your thoughts?