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I still hear friends say that CrossFit is just a fad, and that the fitness program won’t go anywhere.

I am going to respectfully disagree. Again.

Now, “we” were featured on the TV show “The Doctors” with my favorite TV Trainer of all time… Bob Harper!

Look at him run his former The Biggest Loser Co-Trainer, Jillian Michaels, through a quick 2-minute WOD. For someone who is known to be “in amazing shape”, Jillian sure seems to struggle through some of the movements. Yet another reminder that a person is never in too bad OR too GOOD of shape to start!

As long as the coaching is effective, CrossFit can truly benefit anyone! Boom.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the embedding on the FULL video to work, but I was able to at least find a video of Bob’s intro and his explanation of the workout. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE click here and actually watch the entire video so you can see them work out. Pretty good stuff!