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I had a buddy ask me the other day if I knew of a video that explained to people “What CrossFIt is…” without it being a heavy metal soundtrack and a bunch of barbarians doing superhuman feats. I think that’s a pretty valid question, and while there are a number of videos out there talking about what CF is, and what it means to people, there need to be different approaches to what the benefits of the program can be (i.e., not just lifting a lot of weight).

I get to see so many incredible athletes every day I’m at the gym, and that doesn’t mean people who can deadliest 600lbs (although I DO know one of those… what up, CC!). For me, the inspiration comes from people who commit themselves to a healthier lifestyle (of working out and eating relatively clean), and come away from it with a noticeably improved overall quality of life. As a coach, and as a person, I find that incredible.

Stories like the one in the video below are the ones that inspire me the most. So Peter, does this count as a video that explains a little bit about “What CrossFit is”, or at least, what it can do to the people who follow the “fitness program”?