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I love inspiring stories. I’m talking about situations where people are given a slightly different hand to play with, yet turn around and completely re-write their own destiny.

Zack Ruhl has been a double-amputee since he was 2 years old (due to a rare bone condition). His options going forwards were pretty simple… he could phone it in and lead a life feeling sorry for himself, or he could have followed his dreams and made them come true anyways.

Well, Zack owns his own gym, trains adaptive athletes for free, and has let his love for fitness and helping others be his guiding force.

Oh, he benches 445lbs and does rope climbs while tied into his chair… like a boss. Check out this video from the folks at “Great Big Story“, and check out Zack’s gym if you’re in the Houston area!

Another awesome piece on Zack comes from So cool!