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Most CrossFit nerds, like me, know who Rob Orlando is (aside from the owner of Hybrid Athletics). For those of you don’t… he is awesome.

One of my favorite Rob O. moments came during the 2010 Northeast Regional Qualifier when he clean and jerked 300lbs three times… in 40 seconds.
(Video courtesy of the CrossFitHQ YouTube channel. Video by Again Faster.)

Then, a few weeks ago, he shared this gem (also shared through the CrossFitHQ channel).


So I’m talking to my buddy Zach, and he shoots me a text saying, “I saw a guy do grace with 300# on I think I am going to try it today.” He was referring to Rob’s video. How matter-of-fact is that? Yeeeaaah…. I think I’ll pick up 300lbs off of the ground and put it over my head 30 times today. No big deal?

So, he did. And here it is! It took him 18:04. Yes, I’m serious.